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Crystals of The Universe- How Do Healing Crystals Work?

Within every activity we partake, its our nature that we are pleased by devices that enhance the experience. That is merely the purpose of crystal healing. Through the harmonization of our energetic vibrational frequency with a crystals specific frequency, we attune to their energy.

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Crystals of The Universe- Think Outside The Box

Through the blog posts, you will see that the Author of the post is “The Universe,” but there is truly a human behind it. My name is Matthew, i am an extraordinary person just as you are 🙂  I believe that you and me are true creations of our Universe itself and that there is a energetic field of wisdom that we tune into when gaining knowledge, as everything is already under the sun.

Crystals of The Universe- Be The Change

Our society today is based all on individual capitalism. Getting it before the next person does. The egotistic mindset of wanting more than someone else and having the ability to feel like you are better than them. Even with such society standards there is still a multitude of people not able to work for their own wealth and more importantly, health. While the highly financed man personally, has a divine amount of materialistic worth that could feed a whole community. We as people of Earth have failed to see the true power within Unity. However, that is NOT our fate.