The Spiritual Journey

The Voyage of Spirituality is by no means, something you fulfill overnight. The Soul requires persistent effort, especially with the excessive weight of distractions within life. It takes that extra effort to commit to a hard day of work or a stressful day of school and still tell yourself, i’m going to work on myself. Nevertheless, no matter how much effort you put in, if you consistently make time for your spiritual life, your connection to source is destined to prosper. The most essential wisdom of such path is that the Journey and the Destination are one and the same.

Within every activity we partake in life, it’s human nature that we are pleased by devices that enhance such experience. That is merely the purpose of healing crystals. Our certain feelings, moods, and emotions are not singular to the human being, they are apparent within all life. Within the hardest rock and the most feeble plant. The fact of the matter is that the emotion is not materialistically expressed by a crystal, but the vibrational frequency is in harmony with the emotion. Therefore, Crystals have been formed and distinctly dispense a vibration that such frequency of emotion attunes to, then your vibration field receives the message and listens in. Adequately, the crystals can also listen in to YOUR frequency and attune to YOU by vibrationally programming an intention. 

Be The Change

Our society today is based all on individual capitalism. Getting it before the next person does. The egotistic mindset of wanting more than someone else and having the ability to feel like one is better than another. Even with such society standards, within our 1st world countries, there is still a multitude of people not able to work for their own wealth and more importantly, health. People all across the world don’t have the ability to even supply their bodies with food. While the highly financed man personally, has a divine amount of materialistic worth that could feed a whole community. We as humans of Earth, not people of a certain country, state, or city, the most intellectual inhabitants of the planet, have failed to see the true power within Unity. However, that is NOT our fate. First step we have to take as a collective is going within ourselves. For the Collective Consciousness of Earth to shift, first we as each individual have to shift. It starts within you. Discarding negative energy, promoting positive energy, feeling the similarity between you and another person, not judging them for their differences, and seeing the truth and intention within deceptive propaganda. This all will lead to you raising your vibration and adding to the collective consciousness of the planet. Our destiny is within our hands, Be The Change.

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