3 Step Guide for Manifesting Through The Law of Attraction

3 Step Guide for Manifesting Through The Law of Attraction

As our people become more conscious and aware of the fundamentals of the reality we live in, we have had mind-opening realizations of how our reality is mathematically sound. Mathematically sound like when we put 2 and 2 together we find 4. There are certain facets of our reality that if we align properly, we can determine the outcome. One universal equation that is being utilized daily to improve people’s lives is The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that merely states, two similar energies attract. An analogy for the law is how both positive sides of two batteries attract. Therefore, many intellectuals have found out that there are many ways to outwit the law of attraction and make it conspire to them. They do this by being fully convicted towards being or having something they don’t actually have, therefore attracting it. As we have an energetic field and put off certain energies, we resonate at different frequencies when we are in a mind state of lack and in one of possession. When we are in the lack mind state, we don’t attract anything more than the position of lack, but when in a mind state of possession, we attract more of what we possess. The activation of the law of attraction all starts with the state of mind.

Manipulation of The Law

To add on to the outwitting of the law, there a few tools one can use to manipulate it. The most effective tool is the use of certain healing crystal stones that expel a specific energetic vibration, resonating with the possessive mind state’s frequency. As there are crystals for directly attuning to the law, there are stones that also prepare and help you move into the attraction mind state. Here are the Three main steps that to put into radical action to activate the Law of Attraction, amplified by the energy of crystals.

Step One: Sodalite ~ Becoming Aware of What Will Have A Positive Impact

The first step for manifesting through the law of attraction is to become aware of what will have a positive impact on your life and the people around you. Truly becoming aware of the facets of your life that if improved, will make a positive change on your morals, emotions and well-being. The sodalite healing crystal solidifies the first step into manifesting the law of attraction, as it resonates with mental clarity and boosts awareness. The crystals energy diminishes overthinking, granting clarity within the mind, paving the way for accurate analyzation and appropriate reasoning. The accurate analyzation and appropriate reasoning are essential attributes for the discernment of attractions, as it is vital to know and understand the true intention behind the things you plan to attract and how they will benefit or hurt you.

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Step Two: Tiger’s Eye ~ Inner Visualization

The second step, after becoming aware of what you plan to attract, is to completely visualize it being present within your life. Visualizing how you would live, how you’d act, and what circumstances would be different. The visualization is important as it acts as a floor plan, so you want to truly visualize every aspect of life within your manifestations, so as you progress, you fill the gaps between where you are now and where you plan to be. Tiger’s Eye healing crystal is resonates vibrantly with inner vision, sharpening it as it’s energy activates the Third Eye. Within the stone’s energy field, you will have a sharper view, visualizing the subtle details that are small, but vital for your manifestations.

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Step Three: Clear Quartz ~ Embodying The Intention

The third step towards activating the law of attraction is establishing the intentions of what you plan to attract. After becoming aware and visualizing it, next comes establishing the intention and making it prevalent within your everyday life. Completely embodying the intention as if you are an actor specifically mirroring your role. Clear Quartz crystal is precise for integrating the intention within your life, as it absorbs and attunes to the energy of any intention, amplifying it. For example if you are planning to attract love, you have to integrate love within all parts of your life, loving your family & friends, loving the food you eat, and loving the events that occur. This embodiment of love is amplified by the clear quartz crystal, attracting more love into your life.

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Results Are Inevitable

After taking action through these three steps and utilizing the three healing crystals, manifestation is inevitable, as the law of attraction, is a pure law of the universe. Persistently embodying the lifestyle you plan it live, you will little by little attract it and eventually be living your truth. It is important to never give up or get discouraged, as there is no such thing as an overnight success, to manifest anything it takes countless days and nights of persistent effort, jumping over the roadblocks, and slivering through the maze to finally reach the end goal.

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