3 Things They Don’t Want YOU to Know about Healing Crystals

3 Things They Don’t Want YOU to Know about Healing Crystals

Within our society, all that we know or say we know is what information has been publicly handed to us. So to this fact, we are told every day by someone outside of ourselves, how we should live, what we should think & believe, and how we should feel. Most of the knowledge that we have gained within our life has been given to us by someone else. Hardly do we take it upon ourselves to discover our own truths, as what is considered to be “the truth” is right one our sides, on our “smart” phones. One could be so skeptical to think that it’s TOO convenient, but the real truths cannot be found upon a replication of what you already have… a brain. So to really know something to be fact, you have to see it with your own two.

Misconception of What is Alive

What we have been lead to believe is that all the things within our physical reality that are not walking or talking are dead. Hence the word “inanimate object” which is used to define all material that our human eyesight cannot see move, as dead or without life, but how do we truly define what is alive or not? The most fact-proven and understandable way to think of what is alive is something with the consciousness of life. So what is consciousness and what things are conscious? We tend to think that being conscious is someone/something being able to talk to you and state that they are, but lets look into nature where its often thought to be “unconscious.” The flowers of our Earth grow with mathematical form, forming a perfect circle that many intellectuals can’t even draw. Certain trees grow in a different direction if a material is obstructing it’s path. Crystallization form through the most subtle cracks in sedimentary rocks, traveling in all directions. It looks almost apparent that there is consciousness beyond the walking and talking. So relating to crystals, many have the belief that they are “just” rocks. Here are 3 MAJOR things that stimulate the mind to think otherwise.

1. The Most Stable of Rock is actually Moving

All material within our reality, even the human body, is subatomic energy vibrating, forming what meets the eye. All Radio Attuning to Frequency

material moves at a certain frequency determining their structure. To add upon that even the things that don’t meet the eyes, like thoughts and emotions resonate at a certain frequency. All these vibrations are formed upon a energetic field, which is not specific to somewhere, it is all. When someone is sad, you feel it before they tell you. That is you receiving the frequency that they are projecting. This subatomic truth is merely how crystals work. Each distinct crystal owning a certain frequency or attuning to projected frequencies, then projecting it back into the field. Working just as a radio receives radio waves upon the energetic field, attuning to specific frequency attunes to a the precisely projected broadcast. For example, crystals that promote focus, resonate around the same frequency that the human mind is attuned to when in a state of concentration and flow.

 2. The Use of Crystals Within ALL Recorded Time

Ancient Egyptian crystals

Within All parts of the world, ancient sites have been dug up to find that crystals have been used in one way shape or form, predominately as tools and jewelry. Many cultures knew the power of these ancient gems, that formed simultaneously with the formation of our solar system. In ancient times crystal gemstones were worn on the body, not to boast or flash, but to empower him/herself. The crystals held a certain respect by the Greeks, Romans, and especially Egyptians. As the Egyptians valued life and the universe itself, how could they appreciate glorious crystals. Ancient Egyptians used crystals as power sources and protection as they are found in all ancient tombs. They were known as royalty as all prestigious Egyptian kings wore certain crystals for empowering their being and guiding there way to a royal afterlife with many gems in the burial site.

3. Crystals Empower YOU

The biggest reason that we don’t find crystals in everyone’s household and there is a skeptical doubt to them is because

THEY don’t want you to know your own power, better yet empower yourself through something else. They do not want you to be powerful, they want you to be weak and small, where you are easy to be controlled. The people in power are not going to publicly show you a way for you to disrupt their power with your own. We are given specific knowledge, to program our minds to think that we are “just human” meaning we are not extraordinary in any way, and we should live “regular” lives of doing things that don’t empower ourselves like expelling your time & energy to work for someone ELSE.

Realize Your Power

Starting now, this exact moment you owe it to YOURSELF, to realize your worth. You have the capability to do anything that you put your mind to. Heard that before right? Well it’s time to innerstand that phrase because the people that are passionately successful in their own purpose also have heard that before, but now they OVERstand it. When you are told that there is a no chance to being something you passionately want, BE THE EXCEPTION!


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