ABOUT Crystals of the Universe

Hello and welcome to Crystals of the Universe, my name is Matthew and I am an ordinary human with an extraordinary mind and soul, just as you and every other being of this Earth. I was put on this earth to influence the people of the world to become aware of their true potential and progress the spiritual awareness of humanity.

A Breach into Crystals...

All material of this Earth has been cast from the longest of reach within the universe. Even the atomic elements within you. The hydrogen within your body is the same hydrogen gas within the stars. We are true creations of the universe. So it would not be a stretch to say that the molecules within you eluded from light years away in the universe. Just the same as you, Crystals found with Earth, traveled and formed from distant retreats of the stars.

The Truth Behind the Effects and Benefits

The solemn truth behind the effects/benefits of the crystals is solely the accusation that everything of our “reality” is moving. From the smallest of ant to the highest of mountain, Matter is always vibrating. The Speed at which it vibrates is called the frequency, and different atomic substances have different frequencies they vibrate at. Crystals pertain that truth, as all different crystals have coordinating frequencies. So with that out of the way, id like to tell you that the human and the emotions of thee, pertain the same truth. When you are happy, you vibrate at a different frequency than as you do when you are sad. Our emotions align with a certain frequency that our heart and mind puts out into the universe. Every motion of life, physically, mentally, or spiritually, has a distinct frequency. So finally, Crystals frequencies align with almost every understood motion of life. Within their presence, their vibration is sent out and humans act as if radios, and tune in to the frequency.

Most Emphasized Details of the Website

I am consistently making a point to present the most educated and reliable descriptions of each specific crystal and its aligned frequency to the specific states of being. From experience, that has been a very loose objective within the internet, as you can find different information for the same crystal. The description accuracy is made to a point to be impeccable within the Crystals of the Universe.

Truly yours,

The Universe