Being Abundant IS Your Birthright!

When we enter this world, we are not met by a God, man, or any entity and told the rules to this life we are beginning. Being Free and Abundant is our birthright!

Crystals of The Universe- Page Divider

The crystals below align with the infinite itself, attracting abundance to everything within their presence.

Citrine, a stone of manifestation, brings upon an abundance of positive prosperity and success to anyone in it’s surroundings. Also Promotes emotional growth.

This crystallization of ancient tree sap is flowing with life force, naturally attracting an abundance of positive energy to its surroundings.

Aventurine opens the mind to new perspectives by bringing the power back to you, being the creator of your own reality, unlocking all closed doors full of opportunity.

Jade is a very respected visionary stone, manifesting visions directly into reality, by its ability to break beyond limiting mindsets keep you from manifesting.