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Meaning of Amber

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Amber Meaning- Tree Sap

Amber is tree resin or termed sap, fossilized over millions of years, dating back to prehistoric times. The prehistoric trees acted to preserve life within natural intelligence, and expelled such sap as a counter against fungi and insect infiltration. It is more rarely found with fossilization of insects and plants.

Amber's Greek Past

Amber Meaning- Greek Myth

Amber is said to be the mother of the words electron and electricity, prominent terms we use today. The Ancient Greeks named the fossil Elektron, meaning “beaming Sun.” According to Greek myth, when Phaëton son of Helios, the Sun God, was killed his sister became poplar trees and their tears became elektron, being Amber. The static electricity being discovered by friction to Amber, gave birth to the electrical terms we use today.

Birthstone & Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs
Amber Meaning- Leo Zodiac Sign

The Zodiac Sign of Amber is Leo.


Amber Meaning- Chakras

Amber’s energy directly resonates within the Throat, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Chakras. The energy the crystal holds is a vital part to the thought of such an object being “healing.” For one to truly utilize the Amber crystal you have to feel your own power through the self-confidence of your Solar Plexus and empower your creative self-expression of the Sacral Chakra. Then, working through the Throat Chakra, you can use Amber to amplify your ability to communicate by focusing on uttering out your truth.

Amber's Origin

Amber has been notably appreciated as far back as 12,000 years ago, towards the end of the Stone Age.

Amber's Healing Properties

-High Frequency Healing

Amber Healing Properties- Life Force Energy

As Amber has endured millions of years within the body of the Earth, it has been presently flowing with the Life Force of all life upon Earth, from the time it was exerted by the tree. Life Force is most sharply described by Paramahansa Yogananda in his autobiography. “Sparks of Intelligence finer-then-atomic energy that constitutes life….In essence, condensed thoughts of God; substance of the astral world….and life principles of the physical cosmos. In the physical world there are two kinds of “Prana”: (1) the cosmic vibratory energy that is omnipresent in the universe, structuring and sustain all things; (2) the specific “Prana” or energy that pervades and sustains each human being through five currents or functions……the five functions are crystallization, circulation, assimilation, metabolism and elimination.” This divine energy is ever present within all life and the longer the life form is the more Life Force has be indulged and altered within it. Amber is a great gem that manifesting the visualization of Life Force within You.

-Abundance of Positive Energy

Amber Healing Properties- Positive

Amber is known for its filtering ability to absorb negative energy and turn it to positive. Resembling small pieces of the Sun, it has long been revered by ancient cultures to have a healing and nutritional effect upon ones energy and emotions, just as the Sun does.

-Ancient Wisdom

Amber Healing Properties- Ancient Wisdom

As we look deeper and deeper into nature, realizing that it is alive and conscious rather than having the programming of this day and age that anything that isn’t moving and talking is not alive. We see that all organic organisms have consciousness which is the essence of life. The trees, plants, and fungi and all very intelligent, as we also have descended and evolved by fungus itself. All plant life is interconnected below the soil, sending messages within its roots, acting as nerves within the human body and brain. These plants find something new and inform all of its family of such thing to respond and adapt. As it is also surging with Life Force, the vegetation of the Earth have been gathering information for billions of years. Amber, being a product of a tree, emits a vibration that the brain can pick up and become conscious of its past. It is said that Amber is a great tool for memory as is has been present within the field of energy since human existence, also influencing memory of past-life experiences.

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