Balance & Grounding

one with your surroundings

Everything within our reality has a polar opposite, a “negative” version. Allow your negatives to be, as they define your positives, accepting the middle ground balance of the two.

Crystals of The Universe- Page Divider

Below are crystals bestowing the balanced vibration of Planet Earth. All nature within our Planet is always in a state of bliss because it is in a true balance, allowing its time in the winter to be down, then springing up into summer.

A pure crystal of balance that moves the mind into a tranquil state, opening up one’s mental perspective, to see both sides of any situation.

Bloodstone is a stone of manifestation as it amplifies all intentions of surround energy. It also promotes good judgement of what battles need to be faced.

A yin & yang balance of energies, the Tourmalinated Quartz amplifies directed intentions while protecting from & removing all negative energies.

As Hematite is 70% iron, it holds potent life force energy cultivated within deep pressure. It promotes good mental health, for you to take control of your thoughts.

Moonstone, like the moon, shines a thin light on the darkness over the dark, hidden truths. It Truly shows you the duality and balance within the light and dark.

Bronzite grounds you into your natural rhythm, harmonizing your mind, body, and spirit. It removes self-doubt bringing in confidence and compassion.