Life is Your Creation!

The manifestation of your life pathway is in your own hands! Your thoughts, words, and actions create reality as you know it. Create Consciously!

Crystals of The Universe- Page Divider

The crystals below remove thought barriers within the mind, opening new thought patterns to think differently!

This crystal of creativity filters pure energy through it in form of a rainbow of colors. great stone for surfacing intuition and uniting the spiritual and physical bodies.

A stone of self-expression, stimulating fluent communication by clearing fogginess and allowing for focus and discernment of thought.

Carnelian is a high-frequency crystal that empowers the present moment bringing motivational confidence in your own ability to create reality.

Pyrite’s sharp color sparks a fire, bringing out great vitality to one’s being, as it amplifies the willpower and strength to fulfill one’s passions.