The highest Vibration in the universe

Weigh out every thing you can find within this reality, nothing is heavier than love. The true language of the universe, but it’s not something that is spoken or even acted out… it is FELT.

Crystals of The Universe- Page Divider

Below are specific crystals that are indulged within the love vibration, once in there presence, it empowers feelings of compassion towards all aspects of life.

Rose Quartz is the most powerful love crystal empowering unrestricted compassion towards all and unconditional love & self-love.

The Garnet crystal stimulates love energy and compassion within all aspects of life while removing depression. It also negates dis-ease within the physical body.

Rhodochrosite naturally brings compassion into the heart space as it empowers self-love, which then brings up deep inner joy of one’s being.