The Journey and The Destination are One and the Same

The Spiritual Journey is by no means something you fulfill overnight. Serving your soul essence requires persistent effort, due to the excessive weight of distractions within life. It is like climbing a slippery mountain, always sending you back the bottom to realize what you need to do better. As you keep climbing and climbing, you eventually realize that there is no top.

Crystals of The Universe- Page Divider

Vibrating at a high frequency, These are best crystals for truly empowering your spiritual essence and strengthening the dive within. 

The most potent spiritual crystal, Amethyst’s purple shine of royalty empowers your intuition, strengthening your inner sight for you to dig deep into how powerful your soul truly is.

Spirituality- Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties

Resonating energy directly within your 3rd Eye, Lapis tunes you in to a higher spiritual awareness that completely rips away the illusions of reality, showing the natural truth in every aspect.

Angelite is a powerful crystal that taps you directly into divine consciousness, to where you become aware of the divine energy working within the present moment. All anxiety vanishes as you realize that…

For completely attuning to a certain energy, Herkimer Diamond has all the right properties. It transparent texture allows light energy to flow straight through it, filtering out pure energy, attunable to any…