How DO Healing Crystals Work?

Hi, you found your way to this page because you truly want to know how crystals ACTUALLY work. Well i have the simplest, comprehensible explanation for you. Now lets dive deep.

For us for understand how healing crystals work we must know how us ourselves “work” and even deeper to how the universe itself works.

How the Universe Works

How Do Healing Crystals Work?- Electromagnetic Field

Our Universe in the simplest of form is moving, pure energy. The solid material and the space between it. Every thing that you and I can see and cant see is a vast grouping of specific atoms moving at it’s own speed and as they move they create electricity. This charge of energy manifesting a electromagnetic field around them,  discharging energetic waves outward.

Those waves all move at their own specific speed and we measure them in frequency.

What Does That Have to Do With Me?

With all the scientific talk, you get to wondering what does that have to do with anything? 


We ourselves are pure energy… Our minds create the reality we see from energetic, electrical signals that it receives!

How Do Healing Crystals Work?- receiving energetic messages

We live within an inception energetic fields. The whole universe is an energetic field, as well as the Earth has one, and even further… YOU produce an energetic field!

Your brain produces an electromagnetic field that emits outward and consumes other energetic signals, that fact is also scientists closest guess to how consciousness is created. Check out their theory, HERE.

How Do Healing Crystals Work?- Follow Your Heart

How Crystals Work

Just as you, yourself vibrate at a certain frequency which produces the energetic field, as do your thoughts and emotions. When you experience a certain emotion, the frequency of your mind and heart attune to that emotion and emit it outwards. 

That’s how people can tell that you are in a certain mood without you verbalizing it, they can literally FEEL it.

Crystals act in the same way, resonating at a specific energetic frequency within their own field, according to the materials its composed of. The crystal itself is resonating at a high frequency, as it is ancient, manifesting through the many billion years of Earth’s creation.

The Power is Within YOU

How Do Healing Crystals Work?- The Power is Within You

As the crystals have a powerful energetic field they attune to the energy around them. The power is in the intention. Our thoughts are powerful on a level that is much deeper than what meets the eye.

The energy of our intentional thought is emitted outwards within our energetic field and with the crystals within close distance, they attune and resonate within your frequency. 

The crystals then produce the resonated frequency outwards and empowers you further. 

All the power is within your own mind… take control of your own reality!

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