How to Overcome the Fear of The CoronaVirus Outbreak

How to Overcome the Fear of The CoronaVirus Outbreak

The CoronaVirus, or Covid-19, now spreading all across the world, is putting humans in a place of panic and vulnerability. The virus is completely disrupting people’s daily routines and scrambling their thoughts.

Sweeping grocery store isles clean of everything from food to even toilet paper, people are preparing to bunker down at the same time as having an endless ability to wipe their behind.

Fear has taken over their minds, pushing them left and right, losing perspective of anything beyond this outbreak. Now to an extent, it isn’t the easiest thing to over look, as its being thrown at our faces by every form of media on the planet, but as a collective we need to be able to broaden our awareness of this global phenomenon.

Fear is being formed within us because we want control of this virus while we know we don’t have control. Then the media throws out information and we believe it to be the truth as if it was written in scripture, giving us even less of a grip on our reality.

Lets all take this time to pull ourselves back and above the present moment and look beyond the meditated amount of information being given to us… Lets take a look at a few different thoughts and perspectives that can help overcome the fear of this virus outbreak.

What the CoronaVirus Truly Is

How to Overcome the fear of the corona virus- truth

Now for us to get past fear, we have to get to an understanding. What should be understood is that the CoronaVirus is actually a large family of viruses, including the common cold. The pandemic that is before us is new strand of the CoronaVirus named Covid-19. The new Covid-19 Virus is a Zoonosis, meaning it was transmitted from animals to humans, as it was found in bats and snakes. The Virus broke out at a market in Wuhan, China, that sells bats and snakes, as well as the people actually eat both of those animals. 

Education or Mis-Education...

How to overcome the fear of the coronavirus- knowledge is power

Whether you have received the correct information or mis-information, it shall non the less, empower you. Retaining incorrect information or information that’s just blown all out of proportion WILL empower fear within your reality, while the appropriate information can bring you back into perspective and calmly allow this to pass with appropriate caution and measures. 

Lets Get Into Facts

As of today, over 135,000 people have been affected by the CoronaVirus(Covid-19) and almost 5,000 have died.

Now those aren’t the statistics we want to hear to throw fear out the window, but we can put it into perspective as with another one.

Over 646,000 people DIE per year from the common flu worldwide.

That’s on it’s way to a MILLION people a year dying from a virus, why don’t we lock our countries down and bunker down from that? 

As we gain the perspective of the multiple bacterial viruses, we understand how this specific one is being blown out of proportion.

Do Your Own Research!

How to overcome the fear of the coronavirus- Research

Within this fear frenzy, we have to find our own truths…

The F.E.A.R. being False Evidence Appearing Real, has all to do with the information we are receiving. All coming from major media outputs that are competing for the highest rating, or so say, REACTION. It is there job to make the best illusion of a story so that they can get a better reaction and more people tuning into them. 

As Denzel Washington said, ” If you don’t read the newspaper, your uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed… there’s a need to be first, not even to be true anymore.” Deeper insight on the quote

So the best alternative to the media, is finding your own truths. Find real medical research on the virus, through books or the internet and find out what to be cautious about.

What You Consume... Consumes YOU

How to overcome the fear of the CoronaVirus- Consume

As we allow this panic to pass we have to be careful with what we are consuming. As Bob Marley said “Belly Full, but were hungry,” consuming is more than what we eat. We consume with all our senses and we have to feed into positivity instead of fear, for which either of those two will consume us as we consume them.  

  • Feed into Positivity

How to overcome the fear of the CoronaVirus- Think Positive

When we are in a state of fear, it physically weakens our immune system. To stay strong, we all need to come together in positive mindsets to know that this shall pass.

As Things within our world start to change and move into different directions, we as well have to open our minds to new directions. New directions that we need to take into account are alternate ways of healing ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

A great advocate of emotional and mental balance are crystals. Crystals are under the radar for what power they hold. These objects are directly from the earth and hold the same vibrations as the Earth. In turn holding the same ability to change your mood as within going into the beauty of mother nature. They are empowered by intentions and some of the best intentions are to move out of fear, into joy and happiness. 

How to overcome the fear of the CoronaVirus- Healing Crystals

Please give crystals a piece of your time as you can find out in detail how they work on my page, How Healing Crystals Work.

Or Go a step futher and see the intentions and crystals on the Purpose of Intentions page.

  • Eat Food that Flows with Life!

How to overcome the fear of the CoronaVirus- Nutritious Fruit

There are many fruits and foods of this Earth that actually cause reaction within your body, releasing chemicals with the brain that LITERALLY make you happy.

    • Bananas release tryptophan, which is a chemical that regulates how you feel.
    • Berries are filled with antioxidants and valproic acid that is proven to regulate your mood.
    • Chocolate is proven to reduce the stress hormones with the body.

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