Top 5 Healing Crystals that Improve Emotional Health

Top 5 Healing Crystals that Improve Emotional Health

Through our busy lives, our emotions get jumbled up, flipped, and slammed daily, as we partake in numerous stress-activating activities. From our jobs to schooling and even taking care of children, the demand of our attention drains most of the gas out of the tank, leaving drops of our energetic fuel, that is not adequate to the amount we need to take care of OURSELVES. But the societal standard is to stay within these toxic cycles, no matter our emotional state,because without them, we won’t be capable of living to a “standard.” Without putting our full attention and energy towards our job, we won’t have the comfort of a home, food to eat and feed our children, nor the ability of getting from point A to point B. Without education we decrease the odds of getting the energy vampire of a job, that gets us all of what was earlier said, as it as well puts a societal stamp on a person’s image that they are not capable of doing something that someone with the diploma can do. So with it almost being required to live to such standard, most people do not have the time to give to THEIR SELVES to balance, ease, and relax their emotions. With our emotions out of wack, it manifests misinterpretations, overreactions, and conflicts that lead to bad mental health, toxic relationships, and damaging your physical health overall.

However, there are a handful of ways that people cope with their stress-filled days to balance their emotional health. One trending way that people cope is with the healing energy of crystals. The healing crystals are becoming popular because of the mobility and convenience. You can bring the crystals to work and have energetic support in the work place, as well as you can bring them to school with you. As they range as small as pennies and nickels, it is common that people store them in their bags, purses, and even in pockets. The ideology behind the crystals ability to balance emotions goes deeper than what meets the eye. It’s the fact that every emotion that a human has puts out a distinct brain vibration frequency into the energetic field. Just as all physical material vibrates at a certain frequency, everything that your eyes can see is moving even as it doesn’t appeal to being doing so. Moving energy is the base of our universe. Healing crystals vibrate at certain frequencies that the human mind energetically receives and it aligns with the energetic frequencies of specific emotions. A lower frequency could align with a relaxed energy or a higher frequency energy could align with awareness and focus. Furthermore, these are the TOP 5 healing crystals that improve emotional health.

1. Angelite ~ Take Back Your Power

The angelite healing crystal is in a powerful group among itself. This stone resonates at a potent high frequency as it is often used to attune to the upmost frequency of divine energy. It’s celestial frequency attunes consciousness to backing out of association within the present moment, bringing awareness above and beyond it. Instead of being Player 1, reacting and making all of the immediate moves of your situation, the high frequency stone subtracts you from the equation, boosting your awareness full screen spectator view. Giving you the ability to see both sides of a conflict or infliction of any emotional or mental anguish by opening your awareness to see beyond your limited perspective, bringing light to the opposite points of view and true intentions.

Empowering the Present

Awareness is truly a vital part of emotional health, as a lot of emotional anguish is caused from a lack of awareness, believing that you are a victim of your circumstances. With greater awareness, we can all realize that our circumstances only control us if we feed into them and empower them. Within focusing on the present moment, we have the ability to change our circumstances as they become reflections of our own energy. Angelite is a great tool to bring realization and revelation to one’s mind, empowering your control over the past, present, and future. The empowerment is behind the ideology of the past and future happening simultaneously in the present moment. With conscious action within the present moment we solidify the past and build the future. This realization has helped dissolve anxiety for which anxiety is merely fake evidence appearing real of the future. Taking back your power, having control of what the future beholds by consciously controlling your actions, dissolves fear of the future being anything outside of that. This is so by the facts of Cause and Effect, for which it is a Law of the Universe. Every cause shall have an appropriate effect pertaining to it, control the cause… and you control the effect. This boost of confidence of self-power also improves your emotional state by disconnecting you from all external variables. Meaning all things that are outside of you, you have no control over and swinging your emotions around over them shall be done in vain. Bringing awareness to the power of the lone variable, you. The only thing you can control is your own thoughts and actions.

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2. Blue Lace Agate ~ Empowering Your Self-Expression

The essential stone of communication, Blue Lace Agate is a must-have for the improvement of your emotional health. It is vital because of the importance of voicing your emotions. When we coop up our emotions, it often causes us to overthink, losing a rational point of view and provokes our belief in the reaching thoughts. The best remedy for that is to speak out your emotions to a trusted listener, as it provides clarity and insight from an external point of view. The Blue Lace Agate healing crystal is precise for opening communication as it’s energy stimulates clear thinking and articulation.

While opening communication, it also strengthens the source, loosening the air for confident self-expression. Through our predominately social lives, it very common that people do not express their true-selves. This is due to the anxiety and precaution of other people’s opinions and harsh judgment. Being in such a defense mode it causes emotional stress and mental fogginess as it’s going against the grain of our normal human expression. Blue Lace Agate resonates with mental clarity, bringing conscious awareness of you being the only judge of your reality. External opinions can reach into your reality, but it is merely that, as the next moment the person is pulled back within their own reality. Their reaching is done in vain, as they have their own problems to deal with. Remember that no one is perfect, and that it not the goal, the goal is to be imperfectly perfect, Unique.

Double-headed Dragon

As Blue Lace Agate is great for strengthening communication, it is a double-headed dragon, for which it also promotes good judgment towards what should and shouldn’t be said. Some subjects, advice, and explanations will not meet the understandings of certain people that are not at the level of consciousness to innerstand them. The stone boosts our awareness of the what will be received and what will go over one’s head. It is great within out social-based lives for protecting our energy and our time.

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3. Peridot ~ The Light of Growth

The Peridot healing crystal fully resembles the brightness of the Sun. No matter what is bothering you, when you step in front of the powerful beams of light on a clear sunny day, it seems like all your problems have vanished or has become unimportant. Peridot holds the same power. The high frequency of Peridot shines a light of consciousness upon the daily problems & hardships and belittles them by showing you their true worth. While also boosting your confidence behind your own self-worth, the time and energy bestowed to those problems are deemed unworthy to dwell upon for the sake of your emotions.

Peridot, also like the Sun, is an advocator of growth. The healing crystal does so by bringing higher awareness to the blockades that keep us from progressing. Showing us all the delusive activities and thought patterns that we engage in keep us moving in circles. They are the things with life that bring us short-term pleasure, leaving us going in circles trying to catch that pleasure. The pleasure-filled illusion makes us fill like its doing us good, while in the long-term it is stunting us from growing to be our best-self. Within the conscious light energy of Peridot, it boosts are conscious awareness of progressive decisions & changes that are needed for our personal growth.

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4. Turquoise ~ Yin and Yang

Within our physical reality, all aspects of life have a duel opposite that defines them and makes them whole. A tree’s branches cannot grow tall until it’s roots grow deep. The Turquoise healing crystal’s energy resonates with higher awareness of the yin & yang aspects of life, showing us inner truth behind the problems we have and the events happening to us. When we want to be happy, we have to realize that we have to do the inner work, disintegrating what makes us angry or sad. Turquoise truly helps expose those inner truths as they are deeper than what just meets the eye. The inner truth’s take a deeper innerstanding of them, contradicting that, they are hidden in plain sight. Our biggest problems within our life only show us our biggest problems within ourselves.

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5. Moonstone ~ Illuminating What’s Hidden

When Night falls, the darkness is aroused for only so long, as the mellow, but bright light of the Moon rises from the horizon. Just as the Moon, Moonstone takes on the same attributes, illuminating the darkest of places. The energy of moonstone collides with our conscious energy, digging deep to the dark side of the mind, the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where all the habitual patterns of our life is controlled and functioned without our conscious effort. The great energy of the stone brings awareness to the inner truths behind all of our habits and is very good for finding the root cause of why we do certain things or feel certain ways and what triggers them. While opening consciousness within the subconscious, this allows us to bring upon new realizations and learn how to control our minds through new thought patterns that serve our emotional state justice.

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